Victory Day

"It is a joy, with tears in his eyes" – said about the Day of Victory poet. Indeed, in this day of joy and sorrow – next. Out of Russia family that war have been avoided. Because on this day every family to remember those who remained on the battlefields, and those who after the war, Peace life. And yet – those congratulating the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, who live today. And there are fewer, and the youngest soldiers of the last conscription – had already seventy years.

And many veterans are growing not only grandchildren but great-grandchildren. For many of today's kids the Great Patriotic War – is almost as far back as the war with Napoleon. And there on the Russian soil young people with swastikas. And some historians are beginning to argue that it would be if it had not blocked the way the Nazis, Soviet soldiers. And they reasoned, they just stood there until recently – in Brest and Stalingrad, Kursk and siege of Leningrad. Stood – and stood up. And those who did not take to the front, forged victory in the rear. Women, replacing the retired men who built the tanks and planes, plowed and sowed, and more – raising children, saving the country's future.

That is why the Day Victory – truly a national holiday. On this day, decided to visit on the ground fighting, the monuments of military glory, on the graves of fallen soldiers. Traditionally held here laying wreaths and flowers, meetings, celebrations the passage of troops.