Health and Workaholics

Workaholics, apparently believe that they are from the category of perpetual motion: the button “off” is not provided. But long been known that there is nothing eternal in this world. AND that energy costs have replenished, otherwise known as Labor zeal ends: the body quickly wears out and is faltering … However, death is at work for a workaholic is the preferred scenario than the quiet life pensioner. Workaholism – is a diagnosis, and inability to rest – one of the symptoms.

And it is often offset by a long rest, usually mandatory, for medical reasons. Not to share the sad fate of a workaholic, Celebrities need to regularly (not just on vacation), but at the weekend. And in the process is useful to make 10-minute breaks every 50 minutes of work. It is useful to get up from his desk, walk, warm up, exchange news with colleagues, to tell a new anecdote, drink tea, lastly. If you have access to the Internet, look at the entertaining site and had a good laugh: scientists have proved, at the speed of circulation of people laughing increases to 22 percent. So, to organs and tissues hear more oxygen and nutrients.

And yet it is very important not to lock in their work and distribute the interests and other aspects of life. Family, such as children, home, pet classes. Life is diverse, so why deprive yourself of many of its facets? To distract attention from the work of a workaholic, psychologists advise relatives and friends often compliment them, do not blame the compliments and for the mistakes – so people receive the necessary stroking him, not only at work but doma.Otdyhat love, but can not, as we have learned from the workaholics, those who can not relax, do not necessarily know how to work. Many very creative in their work, ideas gush and proud of their performance. But when it comes to rest, the idea of somehow pops up the one and only: for overseas resort with all inclusive, including alcohol, and forget exactly two weeks. Here such a program. For the Russians, and it earned a reputation as unkind to foreign resorts, which believe that in another way our fellow citizens simply can not relax. But if you want to rest after a further 2 weeks of rehabilitation, Does it rest? No, this certainly does not mean that everyone should parade in the mountains or go canoeing in the lung refractory to tame the mountain rivers. Each must choose a vacation for the soul. But with only one rule to give rest opportunity to fill izrashodannuyu energy. You can lie on the beach or take a cruise, enjoying the favorite summer residence or move to distant countries. The main thing is to rest was to your liking, you filled positive emotions, you were interesting enough to distract could complete the work. After a rest you return to work, charged with new experiences and energy. And if your vacation is over all Two weeks ago, and you already like a squeezed lemon, then you are simply wrong to rest. In order to understand whether you are able to relax and how you spend your holidays better, pass the test.