Maintaining One’s Health

This unique signals that the body sends us, warning that failed. Gradually, the symptoms can become worse and more complicated until the person crosses the line cherished, when doctors simply shrug their shoulders and recognized his powerlessness to change anything. Now let sum up. Can be accurate to say that the integrity of the organism – it is a balance between the three bodies of man. However, this harmony is specific to each individual.

The fact that one person gives power and Health is the state of exhaustion and loss of strength in the other person. Let us see why this is so? Four elements (fire, water, earth, air) in their interaction makes life possible on earth. We can observe how different elements manifest themselves in varying climatic zone. Usually, some of the elements are always dominant over the other. In the wilderness – Fire in the ocean – water, in the taiga – the Earth, in the mountains – the air.

And rightly so. Likewise, people comes with its own character and attitude. Other relevant elements in man makes him special and unique. In other words, I want to say that everyone should know their contraindications for food, fellowship, the level and nature of physical and mental stress and occupation. Just need to learn one important rule of health – any disease can not be perceived as something negative, negative. Disease – an indicator which shows a man that has failed in the system, that person is the wrong way.