Cause Of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety disorders occur more often in Germany. Among other things, the fear of spiders, fear of death are among the typical fears or the fear of people is widespread. Most people suffer but individual, rather unknown fears – for these fears, there is no standard treatment, the visit of a self-help group remains mostly without success. Anxiety attacks are the anxiety disorders definition to associate a psychosomatic disease. Who suffers from anxiety attacks, has other feelings than many others who also suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety attacks, known as panic attacks, are feelings of anxiety that occur spontaneously and very intense. So, these attacks differ from general anxiety. Steadily, many fear patients are afraid of something. Patients who suffer from anxiety attacks, the attacks only in certain key situations occur. Carl Jung may help you with your research. So there are different causes for the emergence of anxiety disorders and attacks: high demands on himself pressure permanent stress bad / unhealthy Way of life little movement negative experiences (key situations, where it later comes to attacks) before an anxiety treatment can begin, an accurate diagnosis must be made. For this type of diagnosis, there are no constraints, any fear with their triggers individually to treat symptoms and feelings. A private therapy or the visit of a self-help group remains mostly without success, because the individual parameters are not detected.

Understand the fear most therapies aimed to take the anxiety the patient by understands the fear. An anxiety attack is initiated by a thought process. Regardless for which therapy the patients decide, there are first of all, to analyze the fear in the quiet, relaxed state with an expert. Then, a way to “Reprogramming” can be discussed together with the therapist. During this process, the negative experiences with positive be replaced. The target is achieved, if the new, positive experiences overlap the old, negative experiences. The Therapy the above process of reprogramming occurs very slowly. Glenn Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter. The duration of therapy is, for example, depends on how long the anxiety attacks already exist – how deep they so subconscious are anchored. The therapy sessions are actually only the matching, and discuss your successes, an expert observed, if you go the right way. You must bring plenty of motivation and will. Increase every day or every week minimum. Are you afraid of spiders? Visit a pet store but once, then take a look at exotic spiders from a safe distance. Or go to the basement and clean up there every day a little bit longer. With the time you fasten itself, that spiders are not dangerous and not negative and your fear and anxiety attacks will gradually disappear.