Aesthetic Foot Surgery

The first trend to the real boom: aesthetic foot surgery in Germany. Taipei, July 2010. Whether barefoot on the beach, in open-toed shoes or designer high heels: beautiful feet are mega – in. But many women suffer from such as Victoria Beckham congenital or through incorrect footwear over the years acquired deformations and anomalies. Therefore, the in Germany so far new medical field of aesthetic foot surgery currently experiencing a real boom. Rather than face lift or breast augmentation are more and more women and increasingly men on perfect foot embellishment and let their feet using a syringe and scalpel point. Adrian K.

Wiethoff, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, sees itself as a pioneer of serious aesthetic foot surgery in Germany and offers its patients and patients since about a year of foot surgery at its finest, the entire range of aesthetic foot surgery, on the Dusseldorf Konigsallee. Due to the strong demand, he has now even be Advanced practical concept: with an equally highly specialized partner, Adem Erdogan, who for many years as chief physician of the clinic for foot surgery and diabetic foot St. Antoniusklinik Schleiden operates and due to his early specialization also among the pioneers of the aesthetic foot surgery can count, and a practice move to larger premises in a chic new building on the Ko, not far from the previous practice rooms, the two certified podiatrists together since the beginning of the month offer more performance and comfort. Facelift for the feet shorten, lengthen, straighten, or reduce, removing splints and thorn warts, liposuction, for example, in the area of the shackles, where fat deposits under injection of sagging skin that unsightly strongly emerge the veins at the foot hair removal on your feet and legs, Botox for sweaty feet, that disturb the harmonious transition from the leg to the foot, toes Removal of webbed”between the toes, correction of unsightly scars or hyaluronic acid injections as a first aid measure at pressure points: everything is possible today with gentle techniques and painless in an experienced surgeon hand. Moreover, special and new of aesthetic foot surgery: In addition to the best possible operational restoration of form and function set foot aesthetics pioneers Wiethoff and Erdogan, under other special value to the placement of incisions as inconspicuous places and work with special grain-saving cosmetic suturing techniques.

A simple cutting, back straight, and coarse sewing to”is in the aesthetic after Erdogan and Wiethoff taboo foot surgery. The surgeons of Erdogan and Wiethoff due to the still increasing demand – also from abroad from their everyday know facelift for the feet”in the United States seems now also in Germany quickly to speak around and throw a real wave of enthusiasm” long established, to report. But be careful when choosing a surgeon: as with all procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery is especially also in aesthetic foot surgery a serious and professional implementation based on many years of experience paramount for the successful result of a scheduled perfect feet for the big show. More info: Sabine Sarrach