Baby Clothes

What to buy baby clothes from the first time? These questions were asked every expectant mother. Of course, if a family already has children, then the situation is much simpler. And if you expect to see first-born? Running for advice to mothers and grandmothers? Yes. But they lived through the experience was so long that many had time to forget, and the times were different, today came up with many innovations that are unfamiliar to them, and they will know them first, just like you. So where, then, to find the answer to pressing issue.

I'll try to give you some advice and share personal experiences in order to facilitate your work. Going shopping for a newborn, try to take my mother-girlfriend who recently gave birth. I did so. She advised me to buy a body other than jackets and raspashonok. Very handy thing, do not ride up when wearing a baby in her arms, without distracting from the panties, when the baby moves, and another important feature: a well- holds the diapers, which, incidentally, is very convenient to change due to the fact that the body is at the bottom rivets. In addition to body buy a pair of overalls, one light from a thin material, and the other more tightly.

Not give up the diaper, especially during the cold season. As well as outerwear useful blouse and pants warmer. Do not forget the hats, which needed at least three or two of light, indoor, and warm. And on the toes, the first of which will be useful even in the hospital to keep feet warm in the crumbs under the diapers. It's certainly not an exhaustive list of what you need, but for the very first days until the mother can not go shopping – this will be quite enough.