Beaufort 8 PR Sets Sail In Europe

Off to new shores: Beaufort 8 PR sets sail in Europe. Beaufort 8 PR sets sail in Europe. Bilingual public relations officers on Board of Beaufort 8 PR. Waiver of agency network. International PR team at Beaufort 8 now favour SOLVARO. Stuttgart, April 20, 2010. The PR at Beaufort 8 is Europe very successfully with an business model unusual for the industry.

Instead of a cost – and time-intensive agency network sails Beaufort 8 in new ways: the Stuttgart-based communication agency employs in-house an international PR team, which consists of bilingual public relations officers. The used speakers are native speakers of the respective countries and bring the necessary Know-How from their homeland. Slim, affordably and successfully: 1 agency 8 countries. By the central place pilot and implementation, communication processes are fast and easy. The bilingualism of the countries speakers ensures that the information immediately, quickly and above all without the usual language barriers in the communication between a Flow country network. (As opposed to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). We have had very good experiences, our customers are very satisfied.

The model is cost-effective, and also internally facilitates the coordination processes huge. “, says Marc Stoffel, Managing Director of Beaufort 8. The international media, so Stoffel, reacted positive. In particular for expanding companies from the middle class, the model is a very good way to be present internationally in the relevant media. Many companies shun the expense and hassle, cause the usual agency networks. With our lean structures, they get a low-cost solution with high quality. “, explains Stoffel. SOLVARO-PR will start in 3 countries. Also SOLVARO, the Kirchheimer manufacturer of industrial metal components, the Beaufort 8 so far as advertisers and PR work in the German-speaking world with supervised, convinced this model. Now, the PR unit starts the communication in Sweden, Italy and Poland. Other countries should follow. The financial burden is manageable and we must increase no human resource capacity for time-intensive processes. With Beaufort 8, we can be cost effective and without much effort for us in the important core countries media present. I think the model”very intelligent, praises Gerhard Bullinger, Managing Director of SOLVARO, the idea. Anchor in these countries has thrown Beaufort 8 PR so far: Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, Sweden, Spain. Beaufort has strong 8 Beaufort 8 is a full service advertising agency, promises the strong effect. The conviction that communication goals can be best achieved with power, creativity and continuity, or the three KS as stated in the Agency’s philosophy, “Has a strong” stands behind the promise. Beaufort 8 exceeds the expectations and inspired by results. This defines the Agency more thoroughly, questioned successes and is therefore able to do always the right thing for their customers. In the year 2000 founded in the performance in the fields of advertising, sales promotion, PR, E-business, brand design and services focus. With about 40 employees, Beaufort 8 compressed air (market leader in the field of compressors) serves among other things customers like CSS Versicherung AG (second largest Swiss health insurer), VVS (transport and tariff Association Stuttgart), Blanco (System solutions for the home kitchen, catering and medical functions), Mevaco (one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of perforated metals in Europe), Schneider. Learn more about Beaufort 8 see