Horribilis Ass

* Straight ass Is a variety of respingn in which it is difficult to appreciate the pubic zone from back, although the ass is very respingn. It is called thus because the pubic zone and the ass they form a right angle until the back. It is little common. * Dark ass is not appraised " corazn" because the glteos are very next to each other. * Closed ass is not appraised " corazn" because the interior of the thighs is born at the end of the ass, covering the visibility.

* Ass flan Is that one ass that seen of profile, excels too much, which causes that it moves as they flan. Often the form also corresponds with the one of the dessert. * Ass tank the Volvo of the asses (pardon by the publicity). Great, enormous, disturbed. With a straight design, blunt and robust (it is not a Ass Pear, described more ahead). The ass tank tends to absorb the waist and the legs (and in exceptional cases it can propagate by the rest of the body), constituting what is called Horribilis Ass.

* Ass table stretcher Is that one ass that has exceeded the limit of the abarcable space by the arms of his anfitriona, of such form that impedes its daily movement and can get to be annoying at third people. It does not have why to be Horribilis Ass. * Flat ass Is difficult to say if here it has or there is no ass, because the visual deficiency of to rumps makes it unclassifiable. If profile sight, is not known where it begins nor where the ass finishes, AND the CURVE THAT UNITES the BACK WITH the LEGS IS STRAIGHT, we are before a flat ass, if and only if seen front does not excel anything of the apple, and exceed throughout hollow. However, this ass can be attractive, and in that case Appetizer of Ass is denominated (not to exist ass).