Spine Injuries

Step ago (an attack) should be wide enough, otherwise the lowest point of the shin exercises will be tilted forward, which is highly undesirable, as this part of the load is transferred from the quadriceps to the knee joint, which reduces the effectiveness of exercise and increases the risk of injury to earn. The main objective attacks back – the front of the thigh muscles, quadriceps. They play the first violin here. Hamstrings and glutes in this exercise only assists quadriceps (although it should be noted, very effective). So if your hips are not flexible enough, goes down only as long as able to keep the torso upright and bending at the waist.

It is much more important to protect the spine from injury, than to get to work at full strength with the back of the thigh and Gluteus. The more you can do this by using such targeted exercises like bending the pole, Romanian lift, deadlift, and so on. Deep breath, and breath-holding during outburst increases abdominal pressure, which helps keep the muscles surrounding the spine, in constant tension. That, in turn, guarantee that you will not tilt the torso and not round the back. In addition, breath-holding makes you stronger, makes it possible to generate a more powerful force, which will undoubtedly stimulate muscle growth. Application To: Athletes medium level of training and higher. When: Closer to the middle leg workout. Before the attacks back, do squats and leg presses. After the attacks back – leg extension in the simulator and exercises for the muscles of the back of the thigh (deadlift and Bending the legs in the simulator).


More Interesting

There are relationships that become monotonous by the live daily in a couple of boyfriends and for purposes of keeping alive the flame of love and interest with each other, it is necessary to take the initiative. If a young woman decides to take action and not wait for the relationship to become completely cold, then can be useful to follow the following strategies to be more interesting for your boyfriend: 1. young men like to be in the company of attractive women and good look. Every woman has some charm to her boyfriend, therefore, it is essential to identify what you like more of it. If you have a slender figure, but you’ve neglected a little in recent months, it is important to be shaped using some popular equipment to do exercises at home as they are static bicycles. In addition to using a static bicycle, making use of accessories of a fitness kit you have at home or can acquire will serve to lose a little weight or affirm your muscles and make you more attractive to your boyfriend. You can also attend a gym where can use other computers that are helpful for you to exercise. In any case, your health will also be benefited in the attempt.

2. Another way to draw again the attention of your boyfriend is showing interest in the things that are pleasing to him. It is possible that your boyfriend is at University studying a career other than that you’re studying. It will be good to investigate which topics are the most relevant in their studies and talk with him about it. This will give him a feeling that your you give much importance to their future and samples a level of respect by the responsibility that he displayed in his studies. 3.

A third way of attracting your boyfriend back is through his stomach. If you are that like cooking, then it is possible that you try to learn new recipes of dishes you’ve seen that likes when they have dined together in a restaurant. Cooking for no special reason one will send a renewal of your relationship to him. It doesn’t matter if you follow to the letter these options or are looking for some other alternatives on your own. The most important thing is that you act soon and put the best of your part to please your boyfriend and attract back into it.