Do you plan your menu: go shopping together, studying labels along with the, show you the ingredients you should avoid, allow that the Choose foods that you want to test, and thus check if when you are not near the knows that you can eat; To do something more simple the distinction of products within the household, place labels on foods that the can be consumed ideally label carry the logo identification of TACC without food, as well as learn that you should seek this logo when buying. Understand it when you ask for something that can not eat, give his word to find out if you manage to make variants appropriate to your power. Become accustomed to going to meetings, outputs or even eat at a restaurant, with a box lunch with the special food for the child: never reject an invitation to a meeting because the child can not eat what to serve there, try to make versions right to appropriate food, It is usually eaten in the place where to come. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mark Hyman, MD. When the child gets used from small to carry his lunch box, to be growing it will take as much natural and not feel a weird bug. Not evade the local fast food, when he has other children who want to go to them, if not get a restaurant where sold food adequate to celiac food, carry the viand infant celiac with an adapted version of what is served there (burgers, pizza, etc) and remove it without shame. Those who should be ashamed of not having a letter suitable for all are that kind of restaurants, not coeliacs. Remember that upon reaching adolescence your child’s friends will want to go to those places and if the outlet as something natural take their own lunch box won’t have shame to do growing up. Teach him to have his condition to others, normal and easily: teach how you to politely say No, thank you, if you ofrezcen something that can’t eat. Instruct him to answer simply and without uncomfortable, or concern before the insistence of others to try (this is too necessary upon reaching adolescence) to take naturally the fact that will have to monitor the ingredients with which always prepare their meals and ask that they have in their elaboration. Try to be always informed about celiac disease Celiacos.35webs.Com contain a celiac child