Washington University

History of shoes more than one millennium. The historian Eric Trinakus private Washington University in St. Somatic Experiencing has plenty of information regarding this issue. Louis, Missouri, USA, came to the conclusion that the shoes appeared 26-30 thousand years ago in the west of Eurasia. He analyzed features of the skeleton have lived there in the era of the middle and late Paleolithic people paying attention to the little toe of the foot, he noticed that the little finger became weaker, and then began to shift and shape of the foot. Dr Jee Hyun Kim spoke with conviction. This characteristic deformation associated with the constant wearing of shoes. The concept of fashion – a short-term benefit of a particular passion in any field of life or cultural life.

In comparison with the style of fashion describes the short and shallow exterior modifications of everyday objects. Fashion in the broadest sense is available in Ward's name a certain period and the popular attitude at this stage, the outer forms of culture, but in the meaning of 'fashion' usually of course constant desire to change this relationship. In the narrow sense of the tangent to the shoe and fashion – a change of clothing and fashions for the feet. Experts in the fashion industry say that fashion is an art which aims at wonder man. If you parse the transformation of the directory of shoes for some tens of years or a hundred years, we can see that it repeats itself.

Fashionable footwear for today on a hairpin like stylish shoes of the seventies. Analysis of the types of footwear over the past few centuries shows the frequency of multiple 2-node forms a massive platform shoes with a thick heel and a delicate thin soled shoes with low heels. However, any incoming time period reproduced shoe form used to fresh structural content as well as degenerating and improved yield, components of the work, textiles and technology. So, the shoes today, more than sewn from soft leather.