Medicines Topicality

Drugs are components that we certainly need to know how to choose and buy. Apart from the many problems that can arise when trying to find a particular recipe (that it is not the original product, the medical letter is illegible, there is no pantry), the topic is certainly of public order, because it promises to many professionals and related services. On the other hand, the classification of medicines in detail has helped. We can say for example that we managed to know what pills, what grajeas, what capsules are indicated for a particular symptom and when to apply an analgesic. It also happens with antibiotics and, in some specific cases, with natural medicine. Medicine is a field with all well-respected veras, and products used to remedy have had very important debate spaces and on this he has written much. Starting with the urgent requirements that are made around certain diseases.

Course, they are going here including the possibilities of vaccines, soups, creams, antihistamines, of all kinds proposals that many serious laboratories they investigate. They investigate because they know that they have a direct engagement with society and this is evident. Increasingly there are better training also in services pharmacists and this is fine. There are also long, serious discussions on the different effects of many medications. Because effect Placebo, that which makes it feel better to a is well-known for example person without that necessarily her illness or ailment is remedying. What is better in this case is to document part of the bodies responsible for medical activity.

Only way possible there are fewer errors of administration in the future. A serious agreement between laboratories and patients can also be. That latter to know details of the preparation of medicines, and that laboratories operate under strict hygiene and safety standards. Drugs as they are popularly known in many parts of Latin America, also have been put in the eye of the hurricane by the sadly irresponsible action of entities. Of public health companies which charge certain medicines that are generic, even more. Bad formulations then obviously they are negatively on the health of the patients, and don’t forget the cases of medical negligence where formulae are not sorted. Regardless of the panorama, the drugs industry still has great representatives. It is then of dealing with greatest possible seriousness of medicinal products, to the extent that is possible with them very successful and credible diagnosis. Formally this is because we can not re-educate us many times in our habits when buying medicines, but this is if one (a) wants to acquire a larger commitment. Everything else is trying to play with assumptions and that is not correct. Because we’ll be thereby avoiding one of the themes of public debate today that cannot be left to drift.


Medicine Before Euthanasia

Pain and death are part of human life since we are born in the midst of the pains of birth of our mother until we die. Throughout our existence (physical or moral) pain is present, nobody is alien to pain or its subjective aspect: the feeling. Death is the inevitable fate of every human being, it is the natural horizon of the vital process, it is the planned culmination of life, both pain and death are not obstacles to life, but dimensions or phases of it. Man desire your happiness, your well-being and instinctively flee the pain, suffering and death and their attitude towards these facts boils down to three situations: euthanasia, dysthanasia and ortotanasia. What is euthanasia? Derived from the Greek word eu: well and thanatos: death in the etymological sense means good death, well die; However since ancient times this word has acquired another sense and is understood both in academic environments and in the village to seek death without dolora sufferers, as a homicide by compassion, i.e. means cause the death of another by mercy before his suffering or atentiendo his desire to die for reasons that may be. Other side derived from the gray Greek dysthanasia: evil (something badly made) and thanatos: death, it is the opposite of euthanasia and consists in delaying the advent of death using disproportionate means; lately called relentless, obstinacy or futile life support therapy. Meanwhile, the ortotanasia, from the Greek Ark: straight and thanatos: death refers to the correct action ante to the death. Is euthanasia a medical problem? As the problem currently euthanasia affect squarely to the world of medicine as the physician, or health personnel is front who is terminally ill, but it is not properly speaking a medical problem or not should seriously, because you deserve the same score ethical if the practice a doctor or a relative or a friend of the victim, in both cases it is about is the death of a man in the hands of another, is not a form of medicine the euthanasia, but a form of homicide and if a physician practice this will be denying the medicina as the raison d ‘ etre of the medicine is the healing of the sick at any stage of their illness; mitigation of their headaches and help cope with the Supreme death trance when cure is not possible; anyone can warn that helping a patient to die with dignity is one thing and another thing is cause you death, is not therefore euthanasia a technique, a resource of medicine on the contrary it replaces, the denies and the eject.