Medical Director

Why actually grey hair? The hair turn gray, when is the so called melanocytes regress. These cells produce the pigment melanin. Melanin in turn are the pigments that determine the color of our hair. Each hair has only a limited number of pigment cells. At certain intervals, they die and are formed from the existing stem cells new.

But eventually the supply of stem cells has been used up. The melanocytes produce less melanin. The result is grey hair. But why actually grey? This optical impression comes from the mixture of pigmented and pigmentlosen hair. Actually our hair not grey it is white! This mixture of dark and white hairs.

The overall picture appears then grey”, explains the dermatologist Dr. Dirk Ebrahimian (Medical Director of the Hansa hospital Dortmund). So not gray hair, but white hair! Basically, the quantity and the quality of our hair, as well as their color, notes on our physical condition can give disease-conditional gray hair. If already before the 20th year of life get white hair people so often one is Disease before. Iron deficiency or a thyroid disorder can be, for example, a cause. When the Basedow disease for example, the most common form of hyperthyroidism. Successful treatment of the disease may bring back then even the original hair color. The new involuntary hair color can be a signal for certain disorders, genetic origin, due to metabolism or nutrition-related. Of course, rapid graying may be also inheritable. But you should enjoy at least the possibility of a warning signal of the body. According to the latest findings, even a possible character for diabetes should be a premature graying. “It dread many prior to the performance, gray hair to get now researchers have solved the mystery” of the present under the subtitle first appeared on the public health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k.