The Ground

Damages must be promptly corrected and documented all change on the shelf system. Since most of the damage on the shelves due to driving of trucks, the regular inspection from the ground takes place. It is likely that higher lying parts of the shelf are damaged, also these areas must be checked. While the examiner must not simply climb the shelf up, but needs a safe Take advantage of opportunity for advancement. The review will take place on the loaded shelf, only when serious damage is suspected, the goods must be removed. Another obligation of the safety representative is overseeing the weekly visual inspection.

The rack system is investigated for externally visible damage and all findings are then recorded and passed the security officer. The distance can vary from one week depending on age, purpose and condition of the plant. Opens up the appropriate distance between the Visual inspections from the risk analysis. With a gap of one year, an expert inspection takes place on the shelf system. A competent person checked their work-safe state for the storage facility and created a comprehensive test report for the security officer.

The examiner must be due to his experience and knowledge of the situation, to evaluate the operational safety of the shelf system. Expert can either be accordingly trained employees of the company or Installers, manufacturers and maintenance companies. The competent person of one of the three levels of risk maps defects that are found during an inspection: Green threat level orange threat level red security level to which category the damage which is made visible directly on the shelf system with a test badge. The security levels indicate what to do with the storage facility. Will damage the Green level of risk is allocated, the reliability of the rack is still not at risk. The system is operational and secure and can still be used without any restrictions.