Medicinal Uses

Have you ever eaten blueberries before? Whether dried or fresh Cranberries are sweet, with a slightly astringent taste. Many people dislike the astringent flavor, while others love him. The Blueberry is a fruit that has been used for almost a thousand years in European herbalism. Blueberry and its healing properties it is true, bilberry has been a basic herb in Europe since the middle ages. Its healing power is widely recognized and is still used today for a variety of medicinal purposes.

In the year 1500, a brand-new herbalist called Hieronymos Bock recommending Bilberry to treat stones in the bladder and liver disorders, as well as taking in the form of syrup to treat cough. In the 1700s, the fruits of bilberry were widely used to treat typhoid fever, intestinal problems, gout, rheumatism, and infections of the mouth, skin, and urinary tract. In the early 1900s, dried Blueberry tea was widely used for the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery, mainly as a diuretic and to stop the bleeding. There are also records that show that cranberry preparations were used to alleviate scurvy and pain when urinating, as well as to stop the production of breast milk.In 1987, the German Commission authorized the use of the fruits of bilberry for the treatment of acute nonspecific diarrhea. Other European countries, like Italy, use blueberries in concentrated form to promote good circulation. In 2008, Health Canada gave its seal of approval to the traditional oral medicinal use of cranberries as an astringent to relieve diarrhea. The Blueberry was passed to gargle to relieve mild inflammation in the mucous membranes of the mouth or throat.

Ways of consuming Cranberry Blueberry can be consumed fresh or it can be converted into juices, jams and cakes. In Italy and France, the Bilberry fruit is used as base for liqueurs and flavored sorbets, crepes and other desserts. If you ever have felt to rest a sore throat or a problem bowel, it is possible to only find relief in Bilberry. Cranberry helps to relieve the pain.


Natural Migraine Medicine

Migraine is a very intense and annoying headache that comes to incapacitate a person who suffers from it to develop their usual routines and often accompanied by discomfort such as dizziness, vomiting, intolerance to light and visual disturbances. In these attacks, which can last several hours even days, the affected person feels an imperative desire to be alone and in the dark, if possible in bed. Probably the pain occurs by excess tension in the blood vessels and usually appears when the person is subjected to strong pressure or a situation is about to overwhelm him. Migraines can be caused by various factors and to combat it we will have to revise our way of life both physical and emotional. We will see that with natural medicine you can reduce and completely eliminate this ailment.

Physical origin of migraines physically migraines may be caused by: * diet and digestive disorders * stress * hormonal disorders * structural problems * eye strain emotional origin of Migraines: they can be related to very often, our difficulty to accept certain thoughts, ideas or feelings that us annoying or us distress. Stress, the setbacks, the obsession or contamination of ideas or external pressures, are tensions that manifest themselves through headaches or migraines. Types of migraines are mainly two types of migraine:-with Aura – without these Aura differ, by symptoms that characterize them. Migraines with Aura are distinguished by be preceded by visual disturbances, such as vision of bright spots, bright lines or black spots in the visual field that are as an announcement of the arrival of the migraine. Natural medicine for migraine: can be found among some of the complementary therapies which can help us to alleviate and combat the migraine: aromatherapy: essential oils such as lavender and Mint are useful reflexology foot: the self-massage can be an effective aid in times of crisis and as preventive medicine. Medicinal plants: Chrysanthemum Garden, black willow, Chamomile and Passionflower among others are plants whose infusions will positively impact. Supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 and magnesium also act effectively.