Start Camp fully enters the CampSaison. starts with the winter holidays in February 2010 again in the CampSaison. For the first time we now offer after the successful first edition of the KidsCamps in the summer and fall in the winter our KidsCamp and as usual at a camp for young people of 18 February 23, 2010 in Thalheim. Some things will be new for the sophisticated participants in Thalheim and slightly different: training will be more professional and more intense, especially for the age group from 14 years. We have having regard to the opinion of the participants that already more than 5 years regularly visit our camps and recommend. You must be curious…

We are also pleased for many regular participants that now very high quality in their home Clubs Act or in power centers and bases are changed. That certainly is our sole merit, but we hope our contribution to have done or made the necessary conviction. Kudos and good luck. This also shows us that we fulfil our ideal, a bit To have enthusiasm for the Volleyball in the sports world. Overall, 2010 three KidsCamps, several youth camps, as well as 2 sighting camps are offered. More dates and information are to be found on the website. All assets and part of employees of our supporters we wish you a successful and healthy year 2010 camps as well as their parents and siblings. Rico Fritzsch all activities of are supported by the volleyball & beach volleyball shop