Learning Psychology

Let's define what a course. Thus, the course on the psychology of running at 2, 3 and 4 courses. For students nepsihologicheskih specialties it may be a separate course work designed to deepen psychological competence in a particular area of professional education. Psychology students course work in psychology performed on several courses, and must provide the formation research skills and competencies in the field of practical psychology in solving a specific psychological problem. When the course in psychology at each successive course the student has the right to choose new theme and a new supervisor.

However, advisable to continue the study of the previously selected topics to ensure the continuity of teaching and scientific research in all the years of training. At performance of course on the psychology of the students need to be addressed relevant issues. Course work may be aimed at finding common psychological patterns for various applications, or to be practically oriented. The objectives of the course work in psychology is the development of abstract forms of scientific activity. The students must learn not only how the selection, grouping, and summarizing information, but above all learn how to find unsolved problems of the subject, issues and approaches to specific problems, to determine the reliability of the information contained in the studied literature, its conclusiveness. Task course in psychology may be the development of student skills performance of empirical research. This should be solved by the specific task of scientific psychology related to the studied problem, and submitted in writing to the study objectives, hypothesis and method used in the work, a description of the work and its results.