Medpace Inc Continues

CINCINNATI, OH (Marketwire January 18, 2010) Medpace, comprehensive clinical research, private property and global entity is pleased to announce that it has acquired Medical Consulting Dr. Schlichtiger GmbH, a research organization (CRO) European clinic with extensive experience in drug development that offers personalized on regulatory and pharmacological monitoring to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and nutritional services of all sizes, headquartered in Munich, Germany. Medical Consulting join his strategic experience Medpace in the sense of providing a centralized platform in Europe with respect to the presentation and approval by regulatory agencies as well as for managing and reporting on security. Medical Consulting is headed by Dr. in medicine Ursula Schlichtiger, Director General, and professional research with extensive experience in clinical development, regulatory and pharmacological monitoring Affairs.

Medical Consulting has been working throughout Europe since 1989. I welcome the incorporation of the DRA. Schlichtiger the team of Medpace to support our growing presence in the market development of medicines in Europe as General Manager and Senior Director of medical topics and regulation for Europe, said Dr. August Troendle, President Ejecutivo de Medpace. Dr. Schlichtiger is known in Europe as the professional of first-level Medical Consulting which he founded in 1989 and which led the company to be an organization with great appreciation by interact successfully with European State agencies. The integration of Medical Consulting Dr. Schlichtiger GmbH will begin immediately, with the intention of having it completed by mid-2010.

Medical Consulting executives will continue in their posts during the process of integration for the great benefit of our customers. ABOUT MEDPACE Medpace is a leading entity of complete clinical research that provides fundamental development in phases I to IV in programs of development of drugs and biological products and their corresponding devices. She has medical and regulatory experience in multiple therapeutic specialties, having met Medpace teams with more experience and more focused on the therapeutic activity of this industrial sector that carry out operations of the company at all levels, offering complete and services without discontinuity for drug development. In June 2009, Medpace received the nomination for best CRO of U.S. Investigators in the 2009 survey CenterWatch Site Survey. Medpace creates strategic partnerships with companies pharmaceutical and biotechnology in order to offer the most effective channels and best cost for the development of drugs, from the planning of programmes and their implementation until the approval of the products. With more than 900 employees and experience in clinical trials in more than 40 countries, Medpace has a range and a global capability allowing it to develop studies and meet the demands of the Regulation around the world. In addition to developing services in phases II to IV, Medpace offers clinical services in phase I / IIA Medpace Clinical Pharmacology, and specialized therapeutic trials and the central laboratories of Medpace Reference Laboratories, services of complete bioanalysis in all stages of the development of drugs Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories, management and reading images of Imagepace. Please, visit on MEDICAL CONSULTING DR. Medpace website SCHLICHTIGER GmbH founded in 1989, Medical Consulting GmbH operates as a corporation with headquarters in Munich, Germany. Medical Consulting offers a full range of services for the record corresponding to the development of drugs, both at the level of Germany and throughout the European Union. The extensive experience of Medical Consulting in all aspects of clinical research and drug registration I has prepared to meet the regulatory requirements of the international authorities with regard to quality (CMC), to the preclinical and clinical studies.