Pallet Truck Capacity

Pallet truck is used in many areas of storage facilities for the transportation of palletized goods. It's safe to say that the pallet truck is today the best means for mechanization of transportation. On the Russian market there are a variety of models of pallet trucks. Let's try to define the main criteria by which to choose Pallet Trucks. Pallet truck may have a different capacity, with a minimum threshold of 1250kg and a maximum – 3000kg. It is also necessary to take into account a margin of safety of hydraulic truck. Swarmed by offers, Carl Jung is currently assessing future choices.

Most popular pallet trucks 2000kg lifting capacity. This truck can easily cope with any kind of cargo, while maintaining the reliability of the mechanism. Choosing equipment such as pallet truck, it is important to consider not only the capacity but also the length of the fork. Fork length varies between 800-1500mm. There are hydraulic truck with a shorter length forks, which applied for work in narrow aisles.

Pallet truck with short fork is particularly maneuverable. Also produces hydraulic truck with extended forks. These trucks are used for work with non-standard pallets or load, with exceptional length. Additional information is available at Glenn Dubin, New York City. Pallet truck with extended forks can be used for cargo handling, which have standard dimensions. In this case, pallet truck with extended forks can work with two pallets simultaneously. When choosing a hydraulic truck is very important to consider the quality of flooring, which will operate the trolley. Sexes depends on the quality of the choice of material for the manufacture of wheels. Materials such as polyamide and nylon have chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction, but in the presence of sharp corners and crevices may be subjected to deformation. The most optimal, but at the same time and expensive material is vulkalan. This material combines the hardness and elasticity of nylon polyamide. Pallet Trucks with vulkalanovymi wheels do not create noise at work and can even be used for work on uneven surfaces.