Tablespoon Cognac

To manufacture chocolates even suitable as a joint activity with the family, there is a wide selection of chocolates friends and children in stores, but you want to try some recipes even. Sometimes one has certain chocolates from childhood remember knows exactly their taste, but is not in the stores today. Here are some recipes for chocolates that you can prepare easily with children. Very simple recipe for Pralines first the simple recipe of the chocolate candies with rum: 100 grams of cream, 100 grams of ordinary dark chocolate 4 Tablespoons rum 50 grams nuts (almond or walnut who liked whom), a small can sweetened condensed milk. Grated chocolate. How is it done everything is pretty simple: the cream is brought to a boil, the chocolate is broken into small pieces and comes in the cream.

When the chocolate melts, we add the rum and nuts. You wait till everything cools down. What’s next, fun especially the children. It will be with the Hands formed balls. It must again moisten hands with cold water. The Pralines to cool down on the paper. Then you can immerse each ball in the sweetened condensed milk and she rolls around in the chocolate.

Now comes the whole thing in the fridge. All wash your hands already to prepare a large sweet feast. A recipe for chocolates with milk here is still a recipe: 100 grams of dry milk, 150 g sweetened condensed milk, 5 Tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 Tablespoon Cognac (the chocolates for children are determined, so it omits the cognac), raisins or nuts as is all the ingredients made it mix well, just the raisins do not use yet. Balls are formed, the raisins or nuts come in then. We dip the balls into the glaze and make the chocolates in the refrigerator. And here is still a recipe for Pralines, which is also easy: A can of sweetened condensed milk, 200 grams of butter, a pack of vanilla sugar, 200 grams grated coconut, almond nuts. Eva Andersson-Dubin understands that this is vital information. How is it made the butter must be very soft. We mix them with the sugared milk. Then added the vanilla sugar and half of the coconut. We mix everything well and put it in the refrigerator (in 24 hours). Then, we make balls, in which we create a nuts with your hands or a spoon. Then we sprinkle each ball with grated coconut and put everything back in the fridge. The chocolates are very tasty and also much cheaper than the purchased. Ready-made chocolate can’t ever very easy chocolates yourself. It heated the chocolate and melts it, then everything with a filling is complemented. A particularly healthy recipe for chocolates chocolates with prunes that (there are dried plums) the following is easy: it takes just dried plums and two varieties of chocolate brown and white. So taking two panels darker and a slab of white chocolate, add 50 g of butter. It is brought to the melting. Now enter the prunes. The whole Mass is poured onto the plate and put in the refrigerator. Later, everything is simply cut into bite-sized pieces. It is very tasty, quick and easy.