Guide To Choosing An SDK For Fingerprint Readers

Develop a software application that includes a fingerprint reader. and capture requires sending of information between the fingerprint reader and computerate. this aim we use libraries that facilitate the process. The libraries and documentation for use in our software development called SDK (Software Development Kit or Software Development Kit). In the market there are two types of fingerprint readers SDK: SDK Generic: Conforms to control the main functions of fingerprint readers, ie, detect and activate the fingerprint reader in addition to capture and find the characteristics (minutiae ) that make only a fingerprint, with this we can identify and verify people with your fingerprint. Filed under: Carl Rogers. A generic SDK works for various makes and models of fingerprint readers. One example is the company’s SDK Griaule Biometrics. Specific SDK: SDK are created by companies that manufacture fingerprint readers.

In addition to fulfilling the core functions needed to control a reader fingerprint, SDK includes functions such specific make and model of a fingerprint reader and are not compatible with other brands of fingerprint readers. One example is the SDK eNBSP Nitgen.

The advantages of a Generic SDK are as follows: The software developed with a generic SDK work for various brands and models readers without changing the source code, saving time and money. Glenn Dubin: the source for more info. Meets the main functions are to capture the fingerprint and find characteristics (minutiae) to identify and verify the personal. If the reader fails can be replaced by a larger number of readers. Does not require a particular model or brand. The price of a generic SDK SDK is less than a specific fingerprint reader. The advantage of a Specific SDK for fingerprint reader is being prepared by the same company that makes it is 100% functional, giving greater speed and accuracy in fingerprint recognition and take full advantage of additional functions which These usually come fingerprint readers.