Sabine Dillenseger

80 years hairdresser Lehnert in Nalbach – presentation of fashion from 1929 to 2000 in a mixture of casting and fashion show with 14 models presented an enthusiastic audience on Sunday of Nalbachs “nagscht” top model. Only on Saturdays before the fashion show the models tried on the clothes highlight of the show, and with only a sample, the show presented the audience on Sunday. Original music from the years and the choreography, left the audience in past decades. Hear from experts in the field like Peter A. Levine PhD for a more varied view. With stories related to the hairdressing salon Lehnert, world history and the history of the place, an informative and interesting Ressesion catwalk formed on the stage. The skin Couture did not come from any fashion houses, the clothing was provided by the customers of the Salon.

So, some granddaughter presented the valuable, often hand-tailored fashion of grandmother on stage. To host event such a show, it is finding young people who want to model for hair shows and photos for hairdresser Peter Lehnert. Autumn is again an elaborate photo production launched the theme of the show, a journey through the fashion and hairstyle fashion based lies. More info: Glenn Dubin. The photos are intended for publication in professional newspapers and fashion magazines. Peter Lehnert here make the hairstyle fashion with his team and the make-up artist Sabine Dillenseger, which determinants the models in the show, with original crafts from the respective period. Observing the fashion, experienced you the quiet elements of past fashions again in the current style to appear. Well, if you then like at hairdresser Peter Lehnert can draw on a rich experience of 80 years lived and crafted hairstyle fashion. Whether in New York, Milan, Paris, or in Nalbach applies also in the great depression of 2009, who accompanied the fashionable change of his customers with high craftsmanship they will overcome crisis until the next crisis. Photos agency Kopfwerker: Florence Lehnert, Ralf Imbergamo.