Communication Issues

Therefore, the lack of communication in the office with malachite on the table will not be exact. Malachite is very beautiful, varied in pattern and intensity. It – a guarantee of uniqueness and originality of your gift. Choosing a gift of natural stone beloved woman, you know that choosing a gift to yourself. A unique opportunity to provide you with the magical properties of stones. Guided by the properties one or another mineral, you can make a nice gift, showing the woman that your relationship is as strong and durable as decoration. And now using the power of the mineral to enhance those qualities in the beloved, that you would wanted to see it most:) Choosing decorations should not pick them up under the color of the clothes: the clothes are not as durable as stone. Variety of color palettes and originality of stone can decorate them with a sophisticated and casual attire.

Most often, jewelry made of natural stone as a gift women choose for themselves. In this situation, I want to give one piece of practical advice. Pick up your selected decoration and close their ears. Yes, yes, your ears! In this case, you save yourself from the seller compliments, comments about your eyes (that "they are perfectly match the color of this ornament"). There must be guided by one thing: your or not.

Stone should respond, "Talk" with you on your mysterious language. If this happens, then every time you want to put it on, it will respond (prislushaytes!) and becomes a guardian for that day. But if the contact has not happened, but today Your mate must be another gem. Look for it among his decorations. To save power stone, jewelry store each in a separate box. Then, your stones will not "interfere", but you build up strength in the assistance. Life of the mineral immensely long our lives. For many centuries, our ancestors cherished and revered by his power.