Justification acts as if we should say that all is well done but who enters prison; or applied medicines were that agreed to the case, but the patient is worse.Then what use is justify our action and then load with the negative consequences of the same. And display the most tormented bad mood this habit makes and every day grows since any reason feeds it and ends up seeing the world as a locomotive that assails us constantly.There are thousands of reasons to feed the anger and wrath a newscast, a diary, a neighbor noise etc.etc. and so every day the person who enters into this vicious circle is becoming more wrapped in he was hurting and hurting all those who surround him.What is the meaning of all this, if really nothing will change this way. Life is a party, every step gives us thousands of beauties that we can observe and rejoice. For even more opinions, read materials from Apollo Hospitals. Contemplate the wonder of a flower, the singing of the birds, the smile of children, dawn, the soft breeze that it caresses us, the rays of the Sun, always present, in the midst of the worst storm. Then why not be those who rejoice the life of those that we have around. Perhaps it is to leave to later be with more bad mood, blaming them for having been necessary?Each fact that happens to us is a wonderful teaching to take into account and not a reason to move away from the joy of being, living, live. As with everything, we have two different seeds in both hands and we who chose which plant, but also we who will us charge of collecting what that seed is harvested. You draw a smile every day to get up and that along with you throughout the day, no matter what happens.


The Purity

Spiritual discernment is the determining factor of the spiritual path, is the ability to discern between the false and the true, the misleading illusion and evident reality, allows us to distinguish and recognize the real being of the false ego. Meditation and holistic in perennial philosophy dialogue, allow us to strengthen our capacity for discernment of our true nature. Meditation is mindfulness of the conscience, and there are two factors in his practice: posture and breathing. The holistic dialogue is another process of discernment, is done through communication, dialogue here means through the word, privileging see the entirety of the meaning of the idea. Universal love.

The perennial philosophy includes all practices with the condition that are genuinely spiritual and these are those that allow to happen within ourselves the liberation. The path of universal love emphasizes that all we will achieve the lighting, so the purity of heart is paramount. This path is joy even-handed and shows us what love life, love God, love as Supreme, love to the fullest. Universal love is unconditional, the seeker, ama because his nature is to do so, universal love is trust, extinguished fear, God should not be feared, here God’s love and this everywhere, love unites the individual self with the universal. The way of wisdom is of non duality, the individual being and universal share an absolute identity, is based on the statement you’re that. You are life itself, this is the fundamental truth and end of our existence, only insight leads us to union with the divine basis the task of the path of wisdom is to recognize that we have always been the absolute spirit, that we are free in the way of discernment, medicine to finish with our suffering in our own heart. The compassionate action path is the path of selfless service to others and sprayed the ego.