Country Rico

Why Mexico isn’t a rich country?, an interesting question to start a trial, being that Mexico, thanks to its surroundings has the tools to be an economic entity of power, has raw, from agriculture to large petroleum deposits, and precious metals. Why not convert platerias of Taxco guerrero in a tiffanys? The raw potential exists, labour exists, then, are we missing?, from my point of view and according to information that I have read, which makes him lack to Mexico’s culture for business, entrepreneurial vision, and leave behind the conformism, still continue with the wrong culture of the bucket of crabs, that when one goes outthe others jalan it to the Fund again, rather than help each and how to chain go little by little, leaving all of the Fund, but, does how-to if larger iron and more pulled to the bottom is the iron of the Government?, when it sees that a company goes up, and sees that the entity upon passes Government, because this great iron wants its slice of the pie and are born new taxes and restrictions, as the flat tax to mention any, but Pope Government don’t see that behind that growth, more private domestic investment, more jobs, and activated the market and foreign investment, which would benefit the country, but if he sees him, and still prefer to take a part and stop these companiesthen we’re screwed. Cardiologist pursues this goal as well. If the game controller, is the same that will not let this move forward, then I think that we may never get to that point, and I’m not going as high as to become the greatest world power, if not to stop being a third country worldist, that by most technologies that we have today are not going to stop being a third country worldist until stop be depending on another country’s economytaking here you need to stop being so, only must use it well.. . To know more about this subject visit Eva Andersson-Dubin.