Muscles And Nerves

The Analgesia for Acupuntura is started by the stimulation of the nerves with few dimetros in the muscles, that sends nervous signals for the spinal marrow and after that pra 3 centers of the spinal marrow, of mesencfalo and hipfise, that they are activated in virtue to liberate chemical substances, as the endorfina and the monoamino ones that they block the messages of pain. Because of all the neural mechanism that occurs in the Acupuntura and its varieties, dentist also fits to the surgeon to start to understand the enormous effectiveness of the beneficial effect of the guiding of the patient pra to participate of a series of sessions of Acupuntura. However where area of the Odontologia would be legal to prescribe to the adult or peditrico patient some sessions of Acupuntura? We have the possibility to indicate in such a way for adults as for youngest, had to a great variety of techniques. In the Acupuntura, we make use of treatments with and without the penetration use using needles, nominated as Auriculoterapia, being able itself to use imprisoned needles, seeds or magnetos in some place of the auditory pavilion favoring and preventing traumas in the adults and children. I will cite some of the procedures of the Odontologia that can be benefited of the Acupuntura: reduction of the anxiety and traumas of the patients adults and children; in the daily pay and after operatrio of ortognticas surgeries, tooth implantations, periodontais, exodontias surgeries, daily pay-prosthetic surgeries, parendodonticas surgeries; in after operatrios of face traumas buco; in cases of parestesia or paralysis of the face; in pains caused for the orthodontic or ortopdico treatment; in treatments of miofaciais clutters and modifications or painful processes of Mandibular the Temporo Joint; snore or apinia of sleep; bruxismo. We have the Acupuntura as a medicine that has much to add to the Odontologia and to not only benefit to the patients but also we, dentists RIO DE JANEIRO. It fits at this moment to the professionals to search more study in this segment is in function to be able to carry through the Acupuntura as to indicate an able professional.