10 Tricks Of Drawing

1 Search for something to communicate. An adventure, emotion, action a drawing is interesting if it tells us something. If you draw a girl’s foot to think that it is a good drawing, if you put a girl’s foot with astonishment face and looking into his bag thought to what is happening? I want to see more! TRICK: Nothing transmitted both as an expressive face. 2. Make a simple sketch, then another and then another beam. Details can be found by clicking Anu Saad or emailing the administrator. It may first seem already good to you but even so try different framings, compositions trick: If the sketches are small is easier to see how looks the drawing set. 3. In the sketch and drawing it always starts by drawing a line of composition.

Then place the drawing elements following this line. Filed under: Mark Hyman, MD. If there are many items grouped them, if there is one element that stands out test to put it into a point of interest. If you’re drawing something real choose a point of view or a frame with a good composition. TRICK: The lines of composition curves and diagonals are where most strength they transmit. 4 Can you imagine a comic horror in colors of pastel and fine lines and soft? Think what kind of drawing is going to be, and to whom it is addressed. Depending on that you decide the style you are going to use. A child drawing colors and smooth lines, in a drawing of terror dark colors and straight lines trick: take a look at drawings with different styles of other authors.

5. Fit is to make a summary of all the drawing with a few pencil lines. If someone builds a House with a twisted structure, by very nice that the curtains are to make a good picture starts with a good structure: the embedded. TRICK: If you know how to do it, a difficult prospect or a different point of view are always attractive if done well.