Care For Dry Skin

Dry skin – a thin, shiny, the pores on her barely visible, sometimes it is red, covered with stains and peeling. This skin is sensitive to wind, sun, high and low temperatures, does not tolerate alkali, which increase its dryness and cause a burning sensation and contraction. In other cases, dryness manifested as lethargy and fading, the skin like parchment and is easily assembled into the fold. Internal causes of dry skin, must promptly correct treatment of the disease and the general regime. Care for dry skin depends on the nature of the above symptoms. If you have dry skin is better to wash in the evening. Secreted during night fat accumulates on the surface of the skin.

Washing in the morning degreasing the skin and makes it more sensitive to external influences. Wash, dry skin should be boiled with water at room temperature. Additional information at Michio Kaku supports this article. A glass of water can be added to a tablespoon of glycerin. Dry skin does not tolerate soap, so it is best to use bran (wheat, oat, almond). Bran, especially almonds, are rich enough fat and did not cause irritation. Instructions for use of bran is not complicated: 1 tablespoon of bran mixed with a little hot water to form a pasty mass, which is applied to the face, leaving 5-15 minutes, then wash with boiled water. Washing bran cleans and softens the skin. It is useful to wash the face of bread crumbs.

His soaked in water and the resulting pasty mass covering the face, leaving it for 2-3 minutes. then wash off with water. If the skin does not tolerate washing, wiping should try one of the solutions of the following composition, g: honey – 5, glycerol – 5 eau de cologne – 20; drill – 2; water – 63 or honey – 5, glycerol – 5 eau de cologne – 20, 2% th boric acid – 60. You can clean and dry skin slightly warmed (water bath) with vegetable oil (but you should not use refined vegetable oil). Cotton swab dipped in a heated vegetable oil, without moving the skin, lightly wipe the face, excess Oil is removed with a paper towel or, for lack of towels, wipe face with a cotton swab. When excessively dry skin, characterized by scaling, voltage, light wrinkling, itching, and should avoid water and soap. This recommended to clean the skin is quickly replaced by bells and whistles of a decoction of the root alteynogo, who also acts and inflammation.