Being Disease

The 38 remedies that conform the therapy of the Dr. Bach offer the possibility of looking for in the deepest of our being answers our restlessness, to find the way that takes to us to obtain an own emotional balance. Edward Bach maintained that the disease is an emotional imbalance that takes place in the power field of the alive Being. If this imbalance remains by certain time without trying to harmonize it, the disease in the physical body appears. Writing to him to a colleague it defined: ” The disease is a luck of consolidation of a mental attitude and it is only necessary to treat such mental attitude and the disease desaparecer”.

The essences of the Dr. Bach act in the deepest levels of our being allowing to heal the soul and to connect with we ourself, giving back the sense to us of the reality. In order to recover the health, the floral remedies demand a change in our attitude and our form to see the things. Its secret is in which they facilitate and they stimulate our own system of sanacion helping to locate and to include/understand the emotional upheavals. Any individual can to benefit with the power of the flowers of Bach. One is not to replace other therapies but to be able to complement them. Its action is energetics and can be provided to all type of patients. Other medecines or therapies are not opposed to. Meaning that too much is not required to initiate a treatment with flowers of Bach. A condition, very simple only exists: to want to feel like in body and soul well.