Soursop Tree

The Soursop tree is also known as SOURSOP, aka Guyabano / Graviola / Sirsak Annona Muricata Linnaeus.Los anticancer effects of the soursop are not unique medicinal properties, due to its acidity help in digestion. It regulates the temperature of the stomach. The flowers of soursop tea is used as a pectoral. By latex containing pulp help to improve chronic constipation, it desinflama colon, it heals ulcers of the colon, cure diverticulosis, it fortifies the intestinal flora, it contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential, very important for the health. Each 100 grams the soursop provides: 1 GR.

protein, 0.95 Gr. fat, 16.5 gr. carbohydrates, 3.2 grs. fiber, 58 grs ashes, 10.3 mg calcium, 26.9 mg of phosphorus, 270 mg of potassium, 0.64 mg of iron, 2 IU of vitamin A, 28.5 mg of vitamin C, 0.10 mg of thiamine, 0.06 mg of riboflavin, 1.3 mg of niacin11 mg of tryptophan, methionine 8 mg and 60 mg of lysine. It also has a high water content, so this amount represents a contribution of only 65 calories. It is consumed as a fruit or juice and is also used in the production of liqueurs and jams. Moreover, all parts of the plant of the soursop are usable for different functions. The juice of the ripe fruit is good for the liver and has diuretic effect.

The soursop leaf tea also been attributed antispasmodic, sedative, vasodilator, and antidiabetic properties as well as anti-carcinogenic. Finally, the seeds are used powdered, as insect repellents. This information must reach as many people as possible, because this information is a blessing for those who are suffering pain and ardours of these diseases, and save many lives. PostScript: The guanabana consumption must be on an empty stomach.