The upper part of the cornice, walking on the ceiling, must be firmly mate with him. This part of the ceiling should nasech and before pulling out a well-wetted with water. Best stuff on the ceiling, nails and oplesti their wire. Nail-heads at This should not be up to the front surface traction at 20 millimeters. Inserting into the rules of the template determines the thickness of the plaster gallop. If it is thicker than 50 millimeters, you should fill oplesti their nails and wire, and cap nails should be drowned in the thick of the solution to 20 millimeters.

Then, between the rules of plaster moistened with water and throw a mortar scratch coat creamy thickness. After his seizure put a layer of solution (soil) is the same density, but not thicker than 10 millimeters. For each application layer solution must stretch template. When pulling the template profile board cuts excess solution, forming a profile cornice. Please visit Jacob Elordi if you seek more information. Pattern should lead smoothly to the pressure on the bottom right and without interruption.

After each pull-rule pattern, in particular the profile board, clear of the solution. Grunt cornice pull until until a perfectly smooth pull without shells, roughness, with exactly the elongated bummer. Pulling primer template are forward side-bound steel roofing. Steel Profile easier cuts off all the speakers and does not place traction grow (come forward). Otraschivanie traction occurs only in the lime-plaster solutions due to the increase in the amount of gypsum. After pulling the last minute after 5 – 10 template again stick to the rules and hold them for another two or three times 'Isser', while strongly pressed to the template rules. This drawing 'on tearing off'. It is necessary to pattern freely passed on to the rules, and between the elongated primer cornice and profile board has turned the space into 2 – to 3 millimeters solution. Pulling should be done together. One leads template, pressing it firmly to the rules and traction, while the other holds the pattern of a falcon, collecting his cut profile board solution that is applied to traction.