THINKING according to DEWEY thought enrolls for Dewey in a relationship between what we already know, and what we perceive our memory. With this trilogy we give meaning to things, create, infer beyond that is given to us and thats the thought product. Type inference takes place through the suggestion of everything how much seen and remembered; that succession of ideas is the thought. Dewey based this whole process on two basic and innate resources: curiosity and the suggestion or spontaneous ideas. Thought should lead some goal: an action, a result. Dewey argues that the result requires a reflective thinking, i.e.

to bring order to this succession of ideas, which must not become a simple concatenation of ideas in relations of consequences, but that putting a certain order promotes a thought directed toward some goal. Seymour Gold helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Supporting the relationship between thinking and rationality just that driving to a reflective thinking through the careful comparison and balance of evidence and suggestions with a process evaluation of what takes place to detect more precise relations relations enable it, therefore rationality not is can only stay in the observation but that is must scrutinize the matter, inspect, investigate and examine the accuracy. One idea is a plan of action that has a constructive role, as ideas arise to solve problems, accepting as true among all the ideas the most successful. The rationality of Dewey relates to thinking in the idea of the reflective method (logical competition) introducing empirical knowledge that leads to some goal from the initiative, spontaneity, work and responsibility. This construction leads to something to do and a result, facing a mental difficulty in five phases: 1) appearance of suggestions, 2) Intellectualization of the difficulty, 3) elaboration of hypotheses, 4) reasoning and 5) hypothesis testing. So the rationality of reflective thinking: makes it possible to stock with a conscious goal, b) makes it possible to the systematic work and invention in addition to enriching things with meanings.