Traditional Culture

Influence of myths and traditions in the Palm culture. Click Gina Ross to learn more. During the course of the process of personality development it is necessary to emphasize the values of their own culture so that occurs in a natural way their identification with her and thus arises the conscious and personal commitment of guarantee its continuity and enrichment for the historical essence is transmitted generation degeneration and cultivate in them traits corresponding to their best traditions and legends. Culture as a historical process rooted in the origins and in the popular imagination and each expression is inseparable part of it, being so fundamental elements in the approach in the culture of a people heading 1 mythology and traditions. Main meanings of the term culture. The mother of decorum, the wise of freedom, the maintenance of the Republic and the remedy for their vices, is above all the spread of the cultura.

In this expression Jose Marti stresses the importance of culture in volume 13 of his complete works for a village or a society, and how she is able to transform it and redeem it. Also in volume 8 poses culture has not yet had time to distribute the mass with the required abundance so that you consume with an abundance legitimizes the products of culture which is called arts and letters. Official site: Glenn Dubin, New York City. According to the great dictionary encyclopedic illustrated Grigalbo, culture is: the set of values, beliefs, traditions, institutions, languages, among others; It elaborates and transmits a society. Set of skills that a person has acquired in the process of socialization. System of cultural values, glossing of dominant ideology, disseminated through the mass media. Set of values and knowledge socially required the individual. It is the elaborate by the popular layers, his achievements more disseminated correspond to the agricultural and handicraft sectors. The dictionary definition of encyclopedic U.

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