Team Strategies

As for the benefits that these strategies are bringing or can bring to the patients, 100% of the interviewed ones if they show favorable, that is, to the measure whom if humaniza more easy if the relationship of the familiar and patient becomes professionals with, thus generating more comfort and tranquillity, getting a visible improvement in the clinical picture of this user. Saints, et al. (apud Reckelberg, 2006, p.6) it affirms that the familiar ones have a basic paper in the internment of the patient in if treating to the environment of intensive therapy, this participation becomes still more excellent in the recovery process. The relation between familiar professionals and is a qualitative measure and promotes resulted favorable, becoming the familiar contact between health team, patients and humanizado, generating satisfaction and trustworthiness for both the parts. Being the nursing technician the person next to the customer the interrelacionamento becomes of extreme importance, therefore the nip of the relations occurs an effective exchange of information causing and providing acolhedor and safe environment, as evidenced in 100% of the interviews. Bolela & Jeric relembra that the family must be understood as important ally of the team, being able to act as a resource by means of which the patient can reaffirm e, many times, to recoup its importance in the treatment, of form to invest in its possibilities of recovery. In this context, family is understood as a social unit next hardwired to the patient through the love, being able or not to have legal bows or of consanguinity, as she states Saints et al.

(apud Bolela & Jeric, 2006, p.4). This result follows in the table to follow. ANALYSIS OF the RESULTS Questions abordadasNmero of Answers absolute entrevistadosFavorveis Answers Favorable n % n absoluto% As you see the strategies of humanizao used 10990%110% in its workstation? In what professional mentions itself to the exercise of its activity 1010100%00%, as if of its relation with the familiar ones of the interned patients, wants they are visiting or accompanying? That types of benefits can bring or 1010100%00% are bringing to the patients these strategies of humanizao? That importance you see in the relation: 1010100%00% Team of Patient health//Family? CONCLUSION the true human care cousin for the ethics, while element booster of personal and professional actions and interventions, constituting the base of the humanizao process.