The abundance of available in this universe is great, some people may say that spaces in the ground are inadequate, but imagination has no limits, for each situation there will always be ways to optimize resources and you must be on the side of those who believe deeply in abundance. At this time we see examples of infinite resources such as an e-book or be able to download a song on the internet is something amazing, many people don’t even think about it. Some people says that the no abundance may be seen in some places, if it is true because a spiritual level the people do not want to see it or experience it, you do not touch you change the entire universe but only make contributions and change himself, if he is able to modify the way in which perceives the world then now created a wonderful world. Living with our most intimate desires made reality is a wonderful experience, many people have fear of experiencing the beauties of life because it has been believing that there are limitations and scarcity or that we should lead a life limited. If something is available it should be used, only think that if something has been possible for other people also we can achieve it, Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals tells us that the first step to achieve our big dreams is imagining it, think seriously that Yes we are able to achieve that goal, having faith and conviction that we have the full right to materialize our I. Barriers to our desires are not in the environment but in ourselves, it is possible that for years we have heard ideas contrary to our goals and over time that information has become a large impediment that slows down us our development. You should remember that each who will express their ideas according to your own experience, for example there are who think negatively about many ideas, but wonder if these people have made a real effort to materialize their dreams and you will find the fact that the majority has not made it. For more information see Glenn Dubin. . .