Krka: Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical company Krka was awarded the "Recipe of the Year 2008" in category "Advertising". This was announced on November 12 ceremony awarding the winners of the awards, held in Moscow. Honorary award "For thought-out marketing strategy for the promotion of OTC drugs," the company Krka gained for advertising and information campaign of the drug Septolete Neo – one of the most popular medicines antiseptics on the market from a sore throat. Large role in the decision of the Expert Council who determined the winners, played the recommendations of the Russian Society of Otolaryngologists, who proved the efficacy and safety drug on the basis of clinical research. The magazine for pharmacists, "Green Pages" of the company Krka, the leader of the corporate media on the results of last year's award "Recipe of the Year" was awarded a diploma of the nominee in the category "Corporate Edition". Nominees were determined by marketing research center "Pharmexpert" through a survey of market participants pharmaceutical industry and consumers. Award winners determined Expert advice, formed by professionals of advertising, PR and marketing agencies, journalists and representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers who have not participated in the nominate.

The award "Recipe of the Year" considered the pharmaceutical community as a significant event dynamically developing Russian pharmaceutical market, and unites the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and market players of communications services. The company Krka has received numerous awards the prize "recipe for years." Last year, a magazine for pharmacists, the company Krka "Green Pages" won the nomination "Leader of the corporate media," awards were given Gerbion brands and Peaks. "The company Krka are extremely serious about the creation of new OTC drugs and always presents its new products. The company is developing a strategy to promote well-these drugs on market and then sells it skillfully, "- presented as members of the advisory council the company Krka at the awards. Many writers such as Teneo offer more in-depth analysis. Awards the prize "Recipe of the Year" – is not only building additional capabilities of image producers and medicinal drug promotion, the recognition of high professionalism and dedicated work. For high-performance companies and creative marketing solutions are people. Without their efforts and today the recognition of dedicated work would not have been possible. That depends on their professionalism in the ultimate success of any undertaking.