Vizus Complex

Complexes and Glazorol Vizus have the same problem, but different in composition and price range. What are the advantages of one set over another? What consumer need to know to make the right choice? In our opinion, is very wrong juxtaposition of these complexes. Wrong to speak of them in the context of the Union "or". Both complexes can achieve excellent results, each has advantages and indications for use. Effect of the complex Glazorol based on the unique property of the chokeberry extract to block the inflammatory proteins in endothelial cells (the lining of blood vessels) and significantly improve his condition. The content of the extract chokeberry anthocyanins that improve nutrition of the eye tissue is the same as in the famous blueberry extract. Action Aronia complementary amino acids, vitamins, minerals, lutein and zeaxanthin, contained in the extract of marigold. The biological effect of complex ingredients Glazorol leads to improvement of microcirculation and nutrition of the eye, improves the life of ocular blood vessels, reduces the risk of adverse processes retina. Complex Glazorol minimizes the impact of natural processes that adversely affects the functioning of the organ of vision, so it is in the first place, indispensable in the diet of adolescents and adults. Y elderly there is support in the form of acceptance Glazorola to minimize the atherosclerotic process, which necessarily with a particular activity occur in the vessels of the eye at a certain age. Options duration of admission set Glazorol allow a prolonged prophylactic effect, and improve the quality of medical interventions to maintain or improve visual function, as evidenced by experience of using this complex ophthalmologists. Vizus complex – is, first and foremost, a complex of luxury lines, features innovative technology solutions. What is the advantage of data combination of technologies? Indeed, the bioactive complex Vizus, developed by Art-Life belongs to the category of high-tech products of elite lines.