Bread “Contentment” – active natural antioxidant! Antioxidant activity – an extremely important figure, which indicates the presence of substances in living tissue neutralizing excess free radicals. Vital nutrients necessary to everyone is eating natural antioxidants that are synthesized by plants. Antioxidants are natural vitamins E, C and carotenoids. The leading place is occupied by antioxidant activity of bioflavonoids such as rutin. As well as a number of other known compounds … Bread “Contentment” from a single germinated wheat can greatly help to neutralize the destructive effects of excess free radicals. It contains sufficient amounts of antioxidants. Norm of their total daily adult is 360mg.

And in the bread “Contentment” water-soluble total content of antioxidants 58mg/100gr. The high content of antioxidants in bread “Contentment”, compared with white bread flour 23 mg/100gr. Due to the fact that it is prepared from germinated grain. Excellent product – the drug, medical bread. Amino acids in the human body used for the synthesis of proteins and peptides, as well as non-protein nature of many substances that have specific functions in the body (choline, Taurine ,..).

Almost half of the amino acids – the essential nutritional factors, the carbon of which is not synthesized in the body, as well as bread, “Contentment” contains all the essential amino acids. Adult needs per day About 100 g of amino acids coming from protein foods. In bread, sprouted whole-grain wheat, “Contentment” weighing 350 g total amino acid content of about 43 g ( 30 mg). Of the 20 essential amino acids contains 18 amino acids (No asparagine and glutamine, but these substances may form themselves a sufficient number of aspartic and glutamic acids). Thermal treatment has no significant effect on the total weight amino acids. Functional food. Bread “Contentment” is the richest of the macro-and micronutrients. And it is – only part of his excellent qualities! It’s not just in its biochemical composition. All of this fount is charged natural energy and information fields. That positively affect human health. This energy appears to us in physical form of wildlife on earth. Bread “Contentment” fully endowed with such power. He is one of live and grain is the product of reasonable use of the fruits of this life energy, living systems. It consists of live vitamins: vitamin E, vitamin B, PP. Reinforced! Eat and be energized!