Frequency Converters HPI

Modern variable frequency electric drive consists of an asynchronous or synchronous electric motor and inverter. Electric engine converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and sets in motion the executive body of the technological mechanism. The frequency converter is in charge of an electric engine and an electronic device is static. The output of the converter is formed voltage with variable amplitude and frequency. The title of "variable frequency electric drive" because the speed control motor is the configuration of the frequency of the voltage power supplied to the engine from the drive.

As for the extreme 10 – 15 years the world has witnessed an extensive and successful introduction of variable frequency electric drive to solve different technological problems in almost all economic sectors. This explains the first design and development of frequency converters on a fundamentally modern element base, the main way in bipolar transistors, insulated-gate igbt. In true article briefly describes the known types of converters are used in a frequency controlled electric implemented in their ways of management, their personality and characteristics. If further arguments We talk about the three-phase variable frequency electric drive, because it has the largest industrial application. Ineteresnym more supply on the market variable frequency drive frequency converter HPI5000. It is equipped with liquid crystal display with a menu in Russian language menu. And in its functionality does not yield the most eminent examples of the drive, but it's worth many times cheaper..