Protein Supplements

Just want to answer the question of men who just came to do sports – whether to start taking protein? NO. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Mark Hyman. The fact is that you are just starting out, your body is like a small engine car, while it uses little fuel and pour it is not necessary. It would be like to hang Zhiguli tank of fuel. Yes, a lot of fuel, but Lada from this powerful is not steel. So what's going to the sports shop and choosing energy be careful.

Well, the first paragraph understood, now the second point – revitalizing our muscular system. The training process – There is nothing new I'm not tell. There pravelo, the body reacts quickly to the training, if given the work of a large mass of muscle. This is, perhaps, know all, but misunderstood, replacing the quality of. And instead of that would give the normal load on large muscle mass, try to load a lot of small muscles, such a program is tiring, draining dealing with, and does not benefit.

What muscles are large, this is the leg muscles, back and chest. A exercise, it squats or leg press vertical, bench press bars (weights) of the chest lying down or push-ups, deadlift the bar or dumbbells and pulling on the bar or the vertical thrust load through the block. These four exercises involve 85% of your muscle mass. Where do we start? With classes twice a week for 20 minutes, I think it's easy. And the first lessons we awake to train the legs and lower back. Why are these muscle groups? The fact is that as we nebyli poorly developed physically, we still have to walk, climb stairs, run for public transportation, which means that the leg muscles and lower back, we should be in any way – then developed.