Rohrmarkierer And Pipe Marking According To DIN 2403 And Directives

Meet the legal requirements with UV and scratch-resistant, as well as the labelling of flow substances and their direction of flow resistant Rohrmarkierern are to be marked with high-quality Rohrmarkierern. Indoor as well as outdoor macro IDENT has a wide range of more resistant materials in the program. Even materials that survive more than 10 years in the outdoor area. Employers are obliged to mark pipes through which dangerous substances are transported in accordance with the European Directive 92/58. This policy is applied also in German law. Pipelines that transport hazardous substances according to the hazardous substances Ordinance (GefStoffV), must be provided in addition to the texts with the prescribed hazard material symbols. Also the DIN 2403 provides information on the labelling of pipelines.

Not or not sufficiently marked tubes indeed pose a significant danger. Ignorance about the contents of a pipe can have serious consequences, both for the workers, as well as for the machinery. By investing in a good and clear labelling of your pipes, you prevent unpredictable costs. An accident at work causes not only physical pain, but is also a serious financial burden for employers. A good and clear labelling provides a better insight into the construction. A fast and clear understanding is especially important for new staff or external contractors who temporarily work in your company. Also maintenance work be carried out more efficiently, avoids unnecessary search and significantly reduces the risk for accidents or mistakes.

Should nevertheless an accident occurring, so even life are have been saved thanks to a good mark in any case precious seconds won, which. MACRO IDENT features a wide range of Rohrmarkierern, pipe marking tapes, mini – and Maxi markers, arrow bands, pipe marking tapes, hazardous material and GHS symbols. Over 1300 lyrics by default, are available in different formats and layouts. This standard offer refers to the material most commonly used in the industry. The adhesive tags are made of laminated polyester. They are UV and scratch-resistant and resistant to external weather and solvent. Also macro offers the high-quality material B-7529 for Rohrmarkierer IDENT, which is more than 10 years without prejudice to over outdoor application. This material can be used under extremely harsh environmental conditions outdoors.