Acne Changing Food

Why can the best acne treatment be a change in diet? Western medicine is notoriously sophisticated when it comes to formulations of drugs and specific medicines approached from a perspective based on deductive science. However, has been a major failure when trying to be open to solutions (of the medical problems) which are outside the scope of the deductive science. That is why that for years Western medicine extracted not accurate conclusions about the relationship between diet and acne. Medical development and treatments for those suffering from acne, have progressed significantly in the past 15 years only. However, the problem of acne has kept virtually unchecked, until recently.

In recent years the empirical studies did not take into account this possibility. And now they just point out that there is a relationship between diet and acne. The basic premise of the research is that the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar is the last guilty of many people with acne problems. Scientific theory holds that when carbohydrates and sugar are mixed in the metabolism, leading to an increase in insulin and a called IGF-1 insulin-like growth factor. This growth factor causes male hormones, then start to produce in the body amounts many elderly that should be in a normal state. These growth hormones lead directly to an increase in the amount of sebum produced. Tallow is a fatty substance – which can be seen clearly through the pores. That people often described as oily skin.

The overproduction of sebum, clog pores and this obstruction causes, ultimately, an accumulation of bacteria in the pores that cannot escape because the sebum is in the output. This, of course, has acne as a final result. This very detailed explanation of how and because it produces acne, could be summarized in that simply: when you eat refined carbohydrates and sugars, these can aggravate its problem of grease in the skin, clog your pores, and logically develop acne. So, what is the solution? It is not surprising response, reduce sugars and carbohydrates refined (such as sweets and pasta). These foods provide us with very few nutrients that we need, as long as they provide us with many problems such as clogged pores. In fact, recent studies show that these foods may be as bad for you that your body really gives you fight as it does with a disease, through the production of white cells of the blood. He is not only doing an unnecessary expense of white blood cells, but it also makes your body to produce more waste, some of which help to clog your pores. In addition to avoiding this type of food to combat acne, you can also incorporate a number of foods, in particular, raw vegetables and antioxidants, acting as a kind of sponge in the body, and absorb toxins, also known as radical free, who often are expelled through the skin. Thus, in effect, by changing the diet you can attack the problem of acne in two ways, first by reducing sugars and refined carbohydrates will cause your body to produce less sebum from clogging of the pores, and at the same time that increases the consumption of certain raw vegetables, will considerably reduce the amount of bacteria that radiated through his pores. Combined, these two techniques, will significantly reduce their propensity to suffer from acne.