Drilling Wells

Drilling holes in your suburban area to provide water for human needs and irrigation is an important step arrangement of the site. Do not forget that the only suitable site for an artesian well or wells in the sand. Than they differ? Artesian well certainly gives you more water, and much longer working. On the other side of the water from her highly mineralized, which can be harmful for people with certain types of diseases, but the water at the same time not contaminated by industrial waste. Of course we should not forget that drilling on the sand is much cheaper. It is desirable to determine in advance what kind of hole you need to do is not so difficult.

The well has characteristics such as durability, water quality and productivity. According to them, and to select the type of wells. For the home in which live only in the summer and the water is mainly used for watering enough sand wells and a weak pump. For a holiday home with a permanent human habitation and water consumption of more than 3 cubic meters per hour, is best suited artesian well. And finally for the partnership of gardeners undoubtedly needed artesian well with a powerful pump. Do not forget that a large hole requires the necessary permits.