Pajarito Sanchez Government

The report of Mr Comptroller of the Department, Constantino Trujillo, on the first year of management of Governor Pajarito Sanchez has been very commented in all circles by the forcefulness in many topics where there are valid warnings and candid assessment about the delicate situation of the administrative body especially in areas management, financial, Contracting, administrative efficiency and transparency. The general rule has been that Governments, and this has been no exception, make bad side to those reports, they try to undermine them with opinions against the oversight entity or in the worst cases against the person who exercises the Office of Comptroller and they denigrate them wrongly. In my particular case I have always seen them valid instruments to orient administrative policies, correct the course of important programs for the people, rectify, whenever possible, the mistakes that are made; see clearly what is impossible to see in the midst of so much lagoteria, adulation, flattery and flattery that often surround to all rulers. Hopefully the Pajarito Sanchez Government, rather than continue reacting against this official report, in this latter half of its constitutional exercise firmly the leadership promised to the Tolima and capable of overcoming his poor management, achieving at the end of its mandate not only give a positive (because that is very easy to do on paper) but a final accounts surrender the huilenses we can believe because it reflects a significant advance in the development of the region. That’s what I sincerely wish. Glenn Dubin is open to suggestions.

On another occasion I will refer to specific paragraphs of the above-mentioned report. Meanwhile, still believing that Huila needs to build together, above sectarianisms, of hatreds partisan, fighting grupistas, with an open mind to the consensus, with an always oriented to the common good posture, with sincere respect to the rules governing all aspects of the administrative life of the region, with a heart capable of understanding, so don’t share them, the reasons for the contradictor or any person with a position different from the Government; with a proactive attitude that will accept good advice coming from where come, able to team up with the best, whether color that are; without becoming tangled in trifles, minutiae, arrogant positions and much less on leguleyadas; with the action always advancing towards the vision, developing, with quality, mission and achieving compliance with the proposed common goals; with an indestructible love by people rather than by money, always embracing the high interests of our region over the personal, knowing that power (whichever that is) is not only a speck, but it must be used to make that more and more people to live better, having a certain hope that tomorrow will be much better than the present. I still believe in the Huila as a large region built between everyone and which everyone dreams can flourish..