Heart Disease

Many times, when life gives us hints of attention from the body it is for us to pay more attention to our soul and our true self. Heart disease have much to tell us about the world of feeling, about as feel or as not we are feeling. Many people are accustomed to follow very conditioned thought patterns, and especially, allow that what they think is before first that what you feel, and that becomes a problem when it comes to channel all the energy that we are already and that project in the world. We insist on remaining in absolutely mental States where emotion and sentiment have no place or space to develop freely and to expand and express themselves as they should, are created when actual physical resistances where are and light project through our feel, hangs up and gets clogged, hence drifting heart arteries from clogging to cause or generate heart disease or in the worst of the casos(o mejor)(, as you look at it), heart attacks occur or of these feints. We are SENTIENT beings, not errant minds. I never tire of saying that the mind is an instrument of being, but is not being.

Many people have caused real obstructions in their hearts because not solved past emotional wounds, or overview, NO heartfelt. The pain of our existential paths has to be lived, has to be welcomed, has to be healed, should be embraced and shared with people that make us feel comfortable in his presence and to express or projected compassionate ways of hosting intimate feelings of others. The pain of our hearts has to be embraced, has to be understood and accepted in full entirety. Many people, especially men, have been educated or conditioned to not be sensitive or allow the vulnerability to flow through his veins or by their stocks and that has really destructive and harmful implications for the physical and emotional health, since men have to recognize their State yin, its essence yin female to be able to feel the completeness of the being that already are.