Colon Problems Inflamed

Diverticulitis is a disease that causes inflamed colon problems. When symptoms appear, they tend to be very annoying and painful, it is very important to a medical specialist is responsible for cure it. If medications do not cure diverticulitis, or seizures are frequent or severe, your doctor may recommend surgery (especially if you are under 50 years of age and you have suffered a serious crisis). If it’s empty a small abscess, surgery is relatively minor, but if it’s large abscesses or fistulas, or clean the intestine, surgery is much more intensive. In cases of perforation or peritonitis, they are generally subjected to an emergency. The surgeon usually complications with a partial colectomy, which consists of removing the inflamed colon problems. If the inflammation is widespread, you might have to submit yourself to two operations.

During the first, the surgeon will treat infection in the abdominal cavity, removing the diseased colon part and welding the healthy part of an opening temporary in the abdomen. This is called a colostomy, or the creation of an artificial year. A bag attached to the opening to collect faeces, isolating the infected area. Once cured the inflamed colon problems, the surgeon will perform a second operation in order to splice the ends of their colon and close the opening in the abdomen. This way you’ll evacuate by your intestine normally. Bleeding usually goes away by itself alone, but perhaps your doctor perform you a colonoscopy, this procedure consists in examining problems colon inflamed using a long and flexible instrument to find the source of the bleeding. If you bleed profusely, your doctor may also recommend you a fluoroscopy, to locate the problem. Vasopressin, a drug that contracts the arteries is injected to treat the bleeding does not stop by itself alone, many times. However, vasopressin has its risks, especially in the elderly, so that the physician may opt for a partial colectomy.