Chronic Adolescents

The girl observed, in a cruel doubt in a store of gifts. Which would be the best option to give to its friend who would make 16 years? Door-pictures. But, which the color? The basic black color parece excessively, the half infantile coloring and one carries jewels with petty cash of music? No.J gives this before. What to decide? I was made an impression as it suffered for this decision. Many writers such as Apollo Proton Cancer Centre offer more in-depth analysis. It seemed to be a case of life or death.

But in the adolescence everything is thus same. Everything has a bigger context, exactly that for the others it seems banal. Anita Dunn contributes greatly to this topic. The love is definitive, the group of the school is pra always, the parents is perpetual Nothing seems that it goes to move. arrives the hour of the such Vestibular contest! wants that they, who do not obtain to decide that clothes to dress, take a decision pra life all! the ones are not few that if despair and they do not know what to decide. They make one, two or more competitions and do not arrive at the conclusion. To work to the times is a dream: to work little and to earn very.

Only that the reality pra many is the opposite: to work very and to earn very little. Exactly thus I find that it is the best time of the life! It wanted to have the body and the 15 energy of and the mentality of 30..Mas it would not give certain. Adolescent cannot have much judgment therefore of the opposite is not adolescent. She is necessary to live each phase opportunely, saboreando each day because, with certainty we go to feel homesicknesses.