Prefabricated Garages

Who today wants to purchase a garage that first faces the choice it should be a classic brick garage or but a finished garage. A brick garage, for example, the construction period is at least five weeks. It’s different when a prefabricated garage, because these can be mounted within a few hours and can be implemented at any time. Furthermore, a building permit is required before building a brick garage, which must be requested by the client itself. Credit: Carl Jung-2011. When a prefabricated garage, usually the manufacturer of prefabricated garage take over this way so that the future owner to nothing further worry. This, in addition to related cumbersome and costly procedures and statics calculations are eliminated.

Another important advantage of prefabricated garages is also the cost savings, because, for example, a brick garage costs often twice as much as a prefabricated garage, and also even, if the client takes over some services itself. This is because the prefabricated garage thanks to machine – and Anlagengestutzter production cheaper produce can be as a garage that is made in hand work. The prefabricated garage is then brought by the appropriate company to the client, while for the completion of a brick garage several parts are delivered to individual and thus only gradually be incorporated. In addition, usually a whole team of craftsmen is necessary for building a brick garage, which in turn causes, that the client must pay for multiple services and differentiate between the individual warranties. A prefabricated garage offers including more interior space than a brick garage at the same scale as the wall thickness can be reduced now enormously without causing a difference to a brick garage. Prefabricated garages can be assembled as single or double garage and even implemented if necessary. By the same author: Sydney Sweeney. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)