Legal Advice: Landlord vs Tenant

Request for free right now: landlord guide how do I have a right tenant? That is not a question that is being debated just at the meeting. However, you as the owner faces many unanswered questions. Where are pitfalls the lurking? What can I do better at the next rental? Stephan Schindler, Managing Director of Mietoptimierungs-UG and yourself landlord knows from his own experience and from many conversations with owners: Of course everyone has a rough idea how does a rental. Nevertheless, every landlord has important questions on your mind. These questions remain not unanswered.” “On the Internet page of the Mietoptimierungs-UG landlord can therefore recently the free landlord Guide: 5 golden rules ‘ request. The most important points of the rental are addressed clearly and concisely on nine pages. General instructions supplemented by tips from practice. Topics include seeking tenants, the advertising, the tour, passing and behavior during the Rental period.

The guide will be continually added and updated. For Stephan Schindler, it is important to provide information that go beyond the usual. Because he reported to most landlords ask today, how many people want to move into the apartment, and whether there are pets or musical instruments. There are still numerous other stumbling blocks that can be cleared out of the way in advance. Who has already signed a lease as the owners, know from experience how much considerations need to be made.

The lease can be terminated for the owner cannot easily, simply must on the tenant search emphasis be placed. The ancient Romans have thought thoroughly to the rent and the tenancy law! No wonder that the basic principles of our today’s landlord/tenant law is based on Roman law. Checking article sources yields Glenn Dubin, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. Already at that time was: the rental agreement required the landlord to left the contractual use of the leased property to the lessee. The tenant had the pay the agreed rent to the landlord. Essentially nothing has changed so. The questions remain the same. The Mietoptimerungs UG hopes to be able to provide valuable tips one way or another owner, as: by wisdom a House is built and get through mind.