Telecommuting: A House Informatics !

“Teleworking is not just an invention of the Americans? “Legitimate companies do not do those things, right? For about a year, we implemented one of my companies tel-work. a The truth is that I had doubts, but so far the results are becoming more positive trachea. Further details can be found at Anita Dunn, an internet resource. productivity has increased, we’ve saved my equipment costs and increased quality of life. a For the moment, I find no major problems. Every week we meet at least once to maintain coordination. a Human contact is appreciated but really not be so essential. a We found a number of tools that make the most of team work from anywhere.

The most important thing for a teleworking scenario is to keep in contact the whole team. communications between all the world must be at least as smooth as if we were together in the office. a For this I recommend two tools. First, there is nothing better to communicate how Skype. a This is a software Extended world that allows phone calls through your computer or using a special phone connected to your ADSL router. When you call other Skype user, the call is free and when calling a landline or mobile number anywhere in the world pay a reduced rate. a In addition, because it works like a recharge card, you can very effectively control the use of your personal calls. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. a The second essential tool for tele-work is.

a This is a chat system designed for businesses. a According to the plan you choose, you can have a maximum number of subscribers while chatting. a There is a free plan for up to 4 users. You can also invite unregistered users to enter when you want, you can maintain multiple open wards to differentiate by topic. However, what distinguishes other campfire chats are basically three functions: Campfire is a chat group where they can communicate with many people simultaneously and easily understandable. Campfire maintains a transcript of everything said with a search tool that makes it easy to retrieve a past conversation. Campfire lets you upload files to chat and share in the conversation. Campfire is 37Signals application. a No setup fees, no long-term contract. Just one monthly fee you can cancel anytime. If you have people working in various geographical locations, Campfire is an excellent communication tool. In fact, afunciona film from my new iPhone!