The Political Martyrdom

A massacre in South America by decisions of the church. Just very metaphorically, or as not, we could define politics as the intention or action to master. Also, maybe something as basic as the roar and bite of a lion on his lionesses. Try also an attempt to balance the influence of other forces. For more information see this site: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. What a jargon, I think, but the truth is that in basic terms could be considered as the will and desire or ability to decide on all kinds of issues and does not escape anything (no need to go from tie to politics).

Yes, that should be the policy. And we both acceptable and cumbersome things. For the latter, because they have more “sauce”, is sometimes very necessary to speak. And what of “salsa” is not going out of morbid curiosity at all, but for being scandalous fraud of Humanity, sometimes more “laugh” because things that pretend to be good after all are bad, and vice versa. For political pretensions in that direction, certainly in many cases this local history once again I am surprised and surprising a “culture” and his blunders that are repeated ad nauseam, and return to the topic of “ties”, now a cassock to talk about my priest friends of a lifetime, these belonging to a macro-favored one company, deep, collective amnesia understandable to their big mistakes as an institution, something that has never forgiven others with even less aggravating. As ordinary speaker, that is, given my extensive ignorance of the particular, but observer and judge before a movie called “The Mission” as vulgar spectator conclude from this historical sample (real) the rivalry between the Vatican and the Jesuits called , the latter perhaps more spiritual (all are mere assessments), and the first makers of an unhealthy competition to see who accumulates the largest herd both schools … .